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Change my browsers homepage – I prefer something family friendly

… So you’re tired of the default homepage in your web-browser software. Maybe it’s got news articles or videos you would rather not have. Perhaps it’s using a lot of data to load. Don’t put up with it. You can easily change your home page…

NBN types Explained simply!

Confused about NBN? … You’re not alone. The first thing to grasp is that there are 5 main types on NBN for most Australians: FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) FTTN (Fibre to the Node) HFC (Hybrid Fibre Co-Axial) Fixed Wireless Satellite FTTP – Fibre to…

Free Beginners WordPress Course

Looking for a Free course to get you started on WordPress? Webshield’s hosting site Webshield also offers Website hosting at pretty reasonable rates. One thing you might not know is that we’ve got about a 35 minute quick start course to get you into WordPress…