It’s a Choice

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
(Benjamin Franklin)

The Need for filtering

Over ten years ago the founders of Webshield saw the need for providing a simple solution to a complex problem.  It was obvious that the “Worldwide Web” was here to stay and it would play a large role in all our lives. However, there was so much not to like about the internet:

  • It’s bad content: porn, violence, abuse, etc
  • It’s addictive and pervasive nature
  • How poorly it is understood, let alone controlled

Software filtering options existed, but they were easily bypassed, and left much to be desired.

Seeing these needs drove Webshield  to find a simple and robust solution. Since then many Schools, families, Church communities, and business’ have benefited from Webshield Internet: filtered to your specific needs

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