Phone Service


Voip Service

Gradually Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is taking over from standard phone land lines.

They’re cheaper, and NBN will see the end of standard phone lines as they will be phased out.


There are two ways of setting up a VOIP system at your location:

1, VOIP enabled modems have the socket for connecting a standard or cordless phone into the back of the Modem. This means that you can use you existing phones by simply plugging them into a VOIP modem. The phones then function just as they would if plugged into a normal phone socket, no different number dialing is required. Webshield can provide pre-configured VOIP modems on request.

2, Normal modems can be connected to a VOIP box. The VOIP box will then have one or many wireless handsets connected to it which behave like a normal phone handset.


Monthly Fee $5 – Includes first $5 calls
Calls to Australian land lines (untimed) $0.12 inc GST
Calls to Australian Mobiles (per minute) $0.15 inc GST
Calls to 13/1300 numbers (untimed) $0.32 inc GST
Overseas calls are very affordable. Please call or email us for rates of specific countries

Additional Options

Dedicated Phone number: Monthly charge $5
Dedicated Phone number: Setup charge $30
Transfer Existing Phone number: Once off $30*
Fax to Email Services available on request

* Please inquire first as different service providers have other hidden costs as part of transfer fees.


Please give us a call on 1300 309 121 to discuss equipment and plans …