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Take Control of the Internet!

Webshield provides filtered internet services which give you control of what your children, students and employees are able to access. We can provide filtered ADSL2, NBN and Mobile Broadband services which can be managed by you through our web based control panel.

Our web content filtering service protects you from unwanted content before it reaches your home, office or school network.

Filtered Internet for Business

webshield-business1Ensure that your employees have access to the content and resources they need while ensuring that they are not distracted by content that is not relevant .

  • Increase productivity
  • Minimise HR liability

Filtered Internet for Schools

webshield-school1Safeguard students from web-based threats and inappropriate content while ensuring they can still benefit from the rich content available on the web.

  • Protect Students online
  • Meet Duty of Care requirements

Filtered Internet for Families

webshield-family1Stop access to inappropriate content and control internet access times. Ensure that there is a safe and secure environment for your family.

  • Free Kids from Adult aspects of the internet
  • Help family members control their usage

Internet Services

webshield-internet1Webshield offers filtered NBN, ADSL2 and Mobile Broadband internet connections. Web content filtering before it reaches your premises.

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement

Web Hosting

webshield-hosting1Web hosting services for your business or organisation’s website. Fast Australian based servers, local support. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

  • From $10 / month
  • Full cPanel Hosting

Domain Names

webshield-domain1Promote your business with your own domain name. We can provide a personalised service to help you secure the domain name you require.

  • Bulk domain search
  • Instant domain approvals