Change my browsers homepage – I prefer something family friendly

… So you’re tired of the default homepage in your web-browser software. Maybe it’s got news articles or videos you would rather not have. Perhaps it’s using a lot of data to load.

Don’t put up with it. You can easily change your home page to any webpage you prefer. Most people prefer setting their homepage to plain For this guide we’ll be using Webshield’s home page. It’s got a google search field in the top left, and a Kidsafe google search too. from there you can go anywhere on the web.

Here’s a guide for three of the most common browsers used today

  • Edge takes over from Internet Explorer for users who update windows versions.

    1, Click on the setting tab at the top Right (It looks like 3 dots)
    2, Click on the Setting menu item 
    3. Click on the dropdown menu for open Microsoft Edge with 
    4. Choose A specific page or pages
    5. Enter as the home page you choose and click the disk icon to save 
    For good measure I set Open new tabs with to A blank page 

    You are done. You can close the setting panel, and from now on your home page will be

  • 1, Click on the setting tab at the top Right (It looks like 3 lines)  
    2, Click the  Options Icon
    3. Select When firefox starts and choose Show my home page.
    Then enter in the Homepage field 

    That’s it. Just close settings tab and enjoy your new homepage.

  • 1. Click on the setting tab at the top Right (It looks like 3 dots)
    2. Click on Settings in the drop-down menu
    3. Scroll to the bottom and select Manage on start-up pages
    4. Click on the circle left of Open a specific page or set of pages
    5. Click on Add new page if your homepage webpage is not listed
    6. Enter under the Site URL and click ADD 

    That’s all. You should be able to close the settings menu, and should now be your homepage

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