Organisation Safe Internet

Empowering Organisations in a Digital Era

In this digital age, organisations, businesses, and faith groups navigate a vast web of information and resources. However, alongside these endless opportunities are lurking digital risks. Webshield’s Organisation Safe Internet is more than just a service – it’s a commitment to ensuring that your team, members, and stakeholders operate in a risk-free online environment. Explore how we’re pioneering online safety for organisations of all sizes.

Benefits of Filtering

In today’s digital era, leaders across businesses, organisations, and faith groups face online risks. Webshield is your ally, safeguarding your entity from online threats while promoting safety and productivity.

Comprehensive Coverage

Cast a broad safety net across various online content types.

Custom Tailored Experience

Adapt your browsing environment to align with your organisational values and needs.

Device-Wide Protection

Uniform protection, irrespective of device or connection.


Limit access to potentially damaging platforms and build a resilient online community.

Phishing Defence

Guard against deceptive websites seeking sensitive organisational information.

Focus on Productivity

Specific filters to enhance online productivity and diminish distractions.

24/7 Expert Support

Professional advice and assistance is merely a call or click away.

How It Works

Deciphering the dynamics of online filtering might seem daunting. But with Webshield, we’ve transformed it into a clear, user-friendly process. Here’s how our advanced Organisation Safe Internet service efficiently protects your digital operations.

Quick Setup Time

Get started without delay.

Filtering at the Tap

Direct filtering at the source of your internet for ease of setup.

Cloud-Based Updates

Stay ahead with real-time filtering updates automatically.

Custom Profiles

Personalise your web experience..

Works On All Devices

Uniform protection across all gadgets & devices.

Current Day Threat Analysis

Up to date protection against emerging threats.

Data Privacy Priority

Your data stays private, always.

24/7 Support

Assistance whenever you need it.

Steps to Order/Implement

Securing your organisation’s online presence should be straightforward. With Webshield, it truly is. Simply follow our streamlined procedure and leave the technicalities to us.

Choose Your Plan & Add Ons

Enquire with us about your organisation.

Quick Registration

A few clicks and you're on board.

Automatic Configuration

We'll handle the technicalities seamlessly.

Connect and Enjoy

Dive into a safer internet experience.

Pricing & Plans

Every package we offer integrates the Organisation Safe Internet feature, ensuring consistent protection for all.
However, pricing for the different Organisation Internet Filtering packages is based on the number of users in the organisation (i.e. it’s not fixed price).
You can click the contact form below to enquire – we’d be happy to help you find a package that suits your organisation!”

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